East 100 bar and restaurant

East 100 Bar and Restaurant

Located at YuanZhou, HuiZhou Province, about 2 hours drive from Hong Kong, This is the restaurant business start.
East 100 open at October 2013 and based on simple food and drinks for leisure concept, once the restaurant started, customer want more and more and turned into a Italian style restaurant and whisky bar.
We make our Pizza Dough everyday, using the natural way to make our food and drinks. We also have over 100 kinds of Whisky, this is the only one with 100km radius.
We are open from 11:30am till 12:00 mid-night, lunch, 7 days a week, only close on East 100 anniversary day and Chinese New Year only.

Where are we ?

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East 100 Bar and Restaurant

B12 YuanZhou Garden
YuanZhou Village
BoLou Town
HuiZhou City
GuangZhou Province
Zip 516123
Tel. +86 752 6629100

Opening Hours
Everyday 12:00 - 00:00

Whisky, Cocktail, Pizza and Pasta