• GUSTBAY - The Next Generation Brand of Water Sport

    We design and manufacture to suit all schools and clubs, durable and affordable. The best equipments for beginner and free rider.

  • Stand Up Paddling

    Simmer Style - Everlasting Brand in the Industry, price wise with high performance

    Extreme Union is the Only Distributor in China, High end product just next to your finger tip.

  • Goya Windsurfing - The most fancy design with strongest construction design

    Extreme Union is the Only Distributor in China and Hong Kong, Goya Windsurfing Fans Always Loyal to the brand, because it is always something more

  • Roberto Ricc Design RRD - The Most Complete Product Brand from Italy,

    Extreme Union is the Only Distributor in China and Distributor in Hong Kong, Nice Boards and Kites

  • The Loftsails - Awards Winning Brand on Fastest Tests Result for Years.

    Extreme Union is the Only Distributor in China, If you looking for Speed, this is the brand you must try.

All the Brands we distributing have their own characteristic and they don't share same market. Extreme Union have a vision of sharing what the best in the world to Asia countries. Select which brands to suit you.


Windsurfing, Kiteboard Brands


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The Latest Brand from China
Hong Kong Designer with 30 years experiences in Windsurfing, The most innovation Brand in China



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Simmer Style

From Hawaii to the World, a 25 years old brand
Tomas Passon, ex-world windsurfing champion, as the brand CEO and designer, give the brand most dynamic growth in the market11

Tomas Passon, 前世界風帆錦標賽冠軍,現在是品牌設計師和營運者,王者氣派盡顯現在品牌產品中

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Goya Sail

A very unique brand, unique design
Their passionate philosophy show Goya different to other brands, although Goya sails is one of the most expensive sail in the market

Goya 主要業務在歐洲和南美洲,熱情的南美性格正可表現出品牌的獨特,是整個風帆行業中,用色最大膽的設計,而效能也是首屈一指的

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Reberto Ricci Designs RRD

Italian design
Fusion with industrial concept in the brand, once you have the sail on hand, you will feel the defferent


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If you are looking for speed, loftsails can be a good choice

The most influence sails brand in competition, really detailed design to show speed and performance


品牌的理念就是速度,在最具影響力的風帆雜誌Windsurf Magazine上,Loftsails的表現永遠名列前矛,品牌設計師對產品的要求可想而知

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