• Gustbay Windsurfing Sail

    Complete Windsurfing Gear

    Original Brand from Hong Kong

  • Inflatable Wind Paddle Board

    For Beginner and Freerider

  • Inflatable Tent from 3 meters to 8 meters

    Full air tight tent stand for days

The Brand of Sports

Gustbay Brand Logo


Combine 2 words to create the idea, GUtS + Beach Bay, "Dare to my bay of madness"
We welcome everyone to my gears of windsurfing world.
We are in windsurfing over 25 years, we know everything in this field, all the products are well design with most modern technologies
Gustbay offer the best value to all Sport Lover, enjoy the madness with very attractive value.

Gustbay Product including:
- Windsurfing Sails
- Windsurfing Mast
- Windsurfing Boom
- Mast Extension
- Mast Base
- Up-haul
- Windsurfing Board Fin
- Windsurfing Waist Harnesses, Seat Harnesses
- Windsurfing Board/Mast Bags
- Windsurfing Board Foot Straps
Boards and Inflatables Boards
- Windsurfing Beginner Boards
- Windsurfing Free-ride Boards
- Stand Up Paddle Boards
- Surfing Boards
- Kite Boards
- Windsurfing Inflatable Boards
- Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards
- Inflatable Tents (camping and event)
- Inflatable Platform
- Waterproof Bags
- Back Pack Bags
- Computer Bags
- Rash Guard
- Wet Suit
- Impact/Floatation Jacket
- Hoodies
- T-shirts/Polo Shirts
- Inflatable Event Tent from 3 meters till 8 meters
- Inflatable Camping Tent from 2 people to 8 people
- Camping Tent from 1 person to 4 person
Windsurfing Rig Set
Finally All windsurfing and Kiteboarding Spare Parts and Fabric

Gustbay Sails

Gustbay Windsurfing Sails
From Beginner to Camber Sails, the most affordable sail in market. Design fit all clubs and schools. All Gustbay have all after sale support, why? because we are sail maker, we have all accessories and spare parts, as well as all fabric and techniques.

Our Sails Range including:
School Sail
- Rookie I ( 3 battens Dacron Sail)
- Rookie II ( 3 battens Monofilm Sail)
- Rookie LT (Foldable 1 batten Sail)
Freeride Sail
- Neutrino I (4/5 Battens Sail)
- Neutrino II (5/6 Battens Sail)
Salom Sail
- Ultra I (5/6 Batten Sail)
- Ultra II (6/7 Batten Sail)
One Design Sails (293 grade sail)
- 7.2 monofilm Camber Sail
- 7.8 Monofilm Camber Sail

Gustbay Boards

Gustbay Boards
We shape all the board by CNC machine, design by shape 3D software to create the most advanced board in the market.
Construction method material from wood, bamboo, fiber glass, carbon fiber and high class light weight carbon fiber glass.
Reinforcement on all parts such as dagger board house, fin box, foil box as well as mast track

Our Board Range including:
Surfboard 5.0 feet to 6.3 feet
Standup paddle board from 5.9 feet to 8.0 feet
Beginner Windsurfing board with dagger 185L - 240L
Free-ride Windsurfing Board from 135L - 185L
Foil/Fin Windsurfing Board from 120L - 180L
Inflatable All rounder boards 290L
Inflatable Free-ride Windsurfing Board 260L
Inflatable Duo Stand Up Paddle Board 280L
Inflatable Speedy Stand Up Paddle Board 270L

Gustbay Hardware

Gustbay Hardware
To Maximize the Performance, we also have our collection of hardware. All standard of Gustbay hardware are exactly same as the famous brands because we produce in same factory and using same materials and technique.
This is why we say we are the most competitive in both performance and cost

Gustbay hardware including:
SDM Mast from Fiber to 100% Carbon
RDM Mast from Fiber to 100% Carbon
Mast Extension Aluminum 0, 32 or 48cm
School Aluminum Boom till 260cm
High Grades Aluminum Boom till 280cm
Generic Tendon Base
G10 Fin for Free-ride to Slalom from 24cm to 48cm
Dagger Board for our Beginner Board

Gustbay Software

Gustbay Software
Beside Hardware, Gustbay all provide software to fit all user requirements, All software are original design and produce in house. All software aim for durable and affordable idea, perfectly fit for school and beginner usage.

Gustbay Windsurfing Software Product including:
Windsurfing Waist Harness
Windsurfing Seat Harness
Kiteboarding Waist Harness
Kiteboarding Seat Harness
Board Bags
Mast Bag
Neoprene Foot Straps to EVA foot Strap
Uphaul to outhaul

Gustbay Windsurfing Rig Set

Gustbay Windsurfing Rig Set
Windsurfing Rig Set is a set of equipments which work perfectly together for maximum performance. Gustbay put Rig Set idea is ease of carry, A whole set of equipment can put into a Golf bag size for easy carrying and travel.

Inside the Rig Set Bag
- Detachable Boom
- 3/4 section mast
- Foldable Dacron Sail
- Tendon Base
- Up-haul
- Extension

Gustbay Bags

Gustbay Bag
Every sport have their own kinds of bag, and we did lots of bags too. Windsurfing equipments bag to simple draw string bag, as well as multi function back pack and waterproof bag. Different bag suit for different environments and fit for different gears.

We are making bags including
Board bag for different sizes
Mast Bag for different length
Equipments Bag with/without wheels
Back pack bag in different design
Computer bag in different sizes
Camera Bag with stronger protection
Waterproof in different volume

Gustbay Apparel

Gustbay Apparel
For a complete brand, apparel seem to be necessary. Every sport have their sport wear, we have Rash Guard, Wet suit and Impact jacket for our windsurfing and kiteboarding wear. T-shirt, Polo shirt and Hoodies also come along. in sharing same material, Yoga wear and swimwear are also familiar.

Gustbay Apparel ready for sale
Gustbay Long sleeve and short sleeve T-shirt
Gustbay Hoodies pull over, zipper open men's and women's
Rash Guard plain color and fancy colors
Wetsuit in SBR and CR type of neoprene

Gustbay Tent

Gustbay Tent
Innovated Tent idea, basically from building inflatable Kite. We have selling this inflatable over 1000 units in passed years, suitable for event, Kios, temporary warehouse and temporary station. In 2019, we have developed camping tent based on inflatable idea, good for big groups for outdoor activities

Gustbay tent including
Inflatable Event from 3m - 8m which is 9m2 til 64m2
Inflatable one person camping tent
Inflatable group camping tent
General Batten camping tent for 1 to 4 person

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